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Our family-owned and operated business has helped out residents of Rhode Island around the clock for over 20 years.


Call us any time of the day at 401-749-6121. Our owner will always answer the phone, and makes sure to stay involved with every job.

In case of an emergency, reach out to your local, master plumber.


We'll Be There for You 24/7

Plumbing, heating and A/C systems can break down at any time. Your pipes can spring a leak without warning. This is why we offer 24-hour emergency service on everything we do at Perez Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

"This guys is unbelievable. Our sink was clogged two weeks ago ... he unclogged it in like 15-20 min ... He left me his card and I noticed he's doing HVAC as well. And when my heating system was giving me a hard time last week, I knew who to call [and] he did a great job."

- Tracey, via Google+

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We'll Be There for You 24/7 Serving RI for Two Decades Plumbing, HVAC and more